Heather Crowley, MD

Owner of The Circle Studio, watercolor artist,  and poet, Heather has had a daily meditation practice for over a decade. She is currently in the second year of a two year training program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach to become a meditation teacher.   She enjoys helping others learn how to make this life-changing practice a part of their own wisdom.

Current Offerings

Open drop in meditation class: last Sunday of the month, 3 - 4 pm, First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter, 12 Elm St., no experience necessary, all are welcome, by donation at the door.

Finding Stillness in the Eye of the Storm: Five week Intro to Mindfulness Meditation class, Monday evenings 5:30-7 pm in October at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter, 12 Elm St., first class 10/1, by donation, contact me to sign up.

Yoga classes are currently unavailable at The Circle Studio as we are in a time of transition.

The making of the Circle Studio, LLC

Willow Road Watercolors, LLC

by Heather L. Crowley

Sacred Pause Sangha

Sangha means spiritual friendship and community. The sacred pause describes the pause we can all learn to take by practicing mindfulness meditation. A daily meditation practice can be a reservoir for spiritual resilience and reconnection to the self, others and Mother Earth and is of vital importance for grounding to a deeper strength in the difficult times we live in. Meditation was an integral practice in my own connection to my authentic self and led me back to my art after a ten year absence of it in my life. I believe, and know from personal experience, that these ancient practices can help you connect to your own deep truth, gifts and shadow parts of yourself. And scientific research is now confirming the physical and mental health benefits of a regular meditation practice. Come join us and learn to cultivate the sacred pause, where we have the freedom of choice in how we respond to life's myriad experiences, instead of just our engrained habits and reflexes. Practice makes possible.

About The Circle Studio

The Circle Studio, LLC was built in September of 2013 after a long summer of deck and floor construction by my creative husband. It stands on the foundation of a church which used to be in our front yard. It is a 30' diameter yurt from White Mountain Yurts, with surrounding diamond shaped deck. The circle in the diamond has been a way of framing my mandalas and represents the unity of male and female opposites.

Before construction we plotted out the directions during the Spring equinox. Each of the four corners of the deck point to each of the four directions and one door faces due East and the other due West. My Native American friend, Zelda Hotaling, blessed the land in a ceremony and we placed four different stones, representing the four elements, at each of the four corners of the deck. One stone is also placed in the center of the yurt under the deck. Grounded in the four elements and four directions, the studio is sacred space and offers a peaceful sanctuary close to nature's beauty.