Willow Road Watercolors, LLC

by Heather L. Crowley

Tree of Life - Seasons

Muladhara - Strength

Deep Roots

Vishuddha - Truth

Screech Owl Indigenous Wisdom

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Think Orange Metta

Shakti Rising

Western Dharma

Sahasrara - Bliss

Elemental Journey

Begin Again

A mandala is a concentric diagram used in various spiritual traditions for focusing attention as an aid in meditation, as a spiritual teaching tool, or for establishing a sacred space.  I find the circular configuration a mindful, meditative way to paint.

Witness for the Earth

Great Horned Owl Buddhism

Ajna - Wisdom


Svadisthana - Passion


Manipura - Commitment

Shaman's Lotus

Anahata - Love

Barn Owl Zen